Windows Defender detects my scripts as “HackTool:BAT/AutoKMS”

Based on testing on some Windows devices, I have just relized that Microsoft disallowed to use KMS scripts in the recent update. To reconfirm this, I uploaded a batch script file to VirusTotal and here is the result.

There is no offical reason or notification and it just was a quiet event. I think many you guys here were surprised, even shocked as soon as you heard this news. However, Microsoft’s move this time is easy to understand.

1. Batch script is not recommended anymore

KMS commands are developed by Microsoft but the batch scripts are not. They are just contain a batch of KMS commands and written by individuals like me. My purpose of creating the scripts is help you guys save your time instead of running all commands, one by one in the command prompt or Windows power shell. But this method has never been treated as an official method because opening batch file with admin rights is not recommended by Microsoft. For example, if the author inserts the command formatting your disk into the script, all your data will be lost.

2. Batch script is used to fleece others

As you know, my Paypal account has been limited permanently because many people reported me to Paypal and said that I had sold them fake product keys on eBay. Someone has used my name to create an online shop and sell all my scripts. He told buyers a brazen lie that the scripts he sold is the new generation of digital license. It goes without saying people who are willing to spend a few dozen of dollars to order them have never known my site and my work. And they are willing to report the author of the scripts too when they realized the truth without finding out carefully. 🙁

The move of Microsoft will clear all opportunists and swindlers and I’m all for it. I will replace the KMS scripts from all my posts with the manual method in the coming time. Finally, I would like to thank you guys for always standing by my side. Your support and your encouragement mean a lot to me. It only remains for me to thank.

If you would have any questions or concerns, please leave your comments. I would be glad to explain in more details. Thank you so much for all your feedback and support!

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  1. I found a possible solution for the batch file issue, it involves using NTlite, WinRAR or any app capable of extracting ISO files to a folder

    first, you’ll need to open up your ISO in WinRAR, or any capable file extractor, save the contents to a folder, let’s say “C:\Users\[YOUR USERNAME]\Desktop\Windows ISO\”, second of all, you need to open notepad and make yourself a batch script, that activates windows, third, you need to open up NTlite, then you’ll need to click on “add image directory” and use whatever directory you extracted the ISO files to, then, you need to load your specific windows version, in my case it was Windows 8.1 pro x64, but in this case it’s either Windows 10 Pro, or Windows 11 Pro, after that you’ll need to click on “post-setup” then this is almost where the magic happens, click “add”, then “file”, then click on your batch script, and then click on “apply” then click on “save ISO” it’s important you save it to another ISO, a one that doesn’t exist yet, name it whatever you want, then choose the volume name, and lastly, click on process, this will take a while, and I know for a fact that this works, since I use it get VMs setup

    1. Oh, and even if your thinking that this can be patched, remember that windows for some reason, runs the files you picked in the post-setup as SYSTEM, so this is also another reason to check your modded ISOs before installing them for malware, I bet this will be still a thing in Windows 12, or even far in the windows releases

  2. thanks for the 8.1 activation proscess you have posted im trying it now but i belive it will work 🙂

  3. Mulțumesc pentru munca depusă, te apreciez pentru ceea ce faci. Te rog să continui, deoarece, activitatea ta ne este de folos nouă, utilizatorilor.

  4. Hey, thanks for helping us with everything, i have always relied on you to activate my office products, thanks.

  5. Thanks Guang for sharing your amazing knowledge. You are a master. And now you have a friend in southwest Europe. Keep in contact if you come close to this world corner.

  6. just add some random nonsense onto the file, windows defender will not detect it. proven to work

  7. you are G*D – keep doing good works – i don’t have money to donate you now – i will do it for Sure

  8. I really appreciate your work! Let me tell you what happened to me: I had Office 2016 installed, followed your steps and activated it. Then I saw Office 2021 and liked it more! I installed it without uninstalling 2016. After I installed 2021, I uninstalled 2016, and now if I open a file in word or exel, it shows me that 2016 is activated and not 2021!!!! Although in the system applications, it shows as installed office 2021!!!! And the installed office is 2016 and not 2021! I don’t know what to say!!! What can you tell me?

  9. vậy bây giờ làm sao để dùng word mà ko cần trả tiền đây
    m**g bạn có thể giải thích và hỗ trợ mình với, vì bản lúc trc mình lỡ xóa rồi, giờ tải lại thì lại cần trả tiền, nên m**g bạn chỉ giúp mình với, và cách tải mincrosoft chính hãng nữa ạ!!

  10. Hi, I tried the 2019 Office CMD, and it did work for Word/Excel… but not Outlook…
    It keeps having the pop up asking for activation key…

  11. Simple trick:

    Put in front of the batch file:
    goto :run
    Sethst / virus
    :run ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

  12. I just copy the whole script and paste it into the command window. Works great, also, I manually do it. depends on how I feel at the time.

  13. this kms script still works (which is great) you just have to tell Defender to “allow on device” (when you go into the alert)

  14. Who cares. Just pause the protection & add exclusions for the needed files.

    Also scripts for Power Shell are still valid, even though they are much more powerful…

  15. AA and BB is probably the same person just maybe trying to discourage people here
    from using the program Batch that will block PC’s Original Defender. This tool
    stops some programs from installing.
    Who says Oh I try and works but umm oops I don’t think now this is good idea may my PC
    hurting now, my PC is in pain I need revert the situation. Sorry for being so forward about this but, people need to stay in school, because they are driving everybody else crazy who have some common sense. I mean look he says (IT WORKED) then say oh (NOW IM WORRIED). This kind of talk should be band ok may be not band but FLAGGED. To show everyone ,oh look another one of those (ummm ?????) I rest my case.

      1. I’ve been getting windows updates to this day using this site to activate my copy of Windows, so no issues here.

  16. Of course it detects it as h**k tool friends, its a (False Positive).
    You need fire to fight fire not a skimpy program that will get overwriten with the fist update. Everything changed back when my PC updated even Microsoft (Track and Send my Activity to Microsoft) \I disabled that I dont consent to that. Developers just what they are told they get payed its not their call or fault. This is what I dont like.
    My windows came with 30 day free McFee virus protection. Dont want it, dont like it, I can get my own NO thank you very much, it deletes my downloaded programs some times, and attack’s what ever I plug in to my USB , I try uninstalling it but will not authorize me.
    What a bunch bull now I need to go fishing for programs to k**l it , and now after 30 days i get pop-ups ,your McFee VR protection has expired (Press Here To Activate Your Software 75% OFF) and its always Update to (Pro). It over takes my whole PC ,I cant uninstall, the only thing I can do is go to settings and STOP it from running. I know i can use (Force Uninstall) but why do I need to go to great length’s just to uninstall this. If i do that it will probably make my PC unstable because of the way its latched on to it. Its bull it really is.