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Uninstall Microsoft product trial license or KMS license completely

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As you know, the new Microsoft product installation usually includes a 30-days free trial license. However, the problem here is that the trial license is not uninstalled automatically when it is expired. And so this leads to the paradox that it keeps saying “Most features are disabled” or “Windows is not activated” even after activating […]

How to open Command Prompt on Windows with admin rights

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In the latest version of Windows, Command Prompt (CP) option was removed from context menu when users right-click on Windows button at the left-bottom corner. It is replace with Windows Powershell. This has led many to think they are the same program but they are not, actually. To prevent you guys making a mistake, in […]

Troubleshoot “connection to KMS server failed” error

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I have received a lot of complaint emails saying that they could not activate their program after folowing instructions in my videos. The issues described here are related to an error message they got as below. The connection to my KMS server failed! Trying to connect to another one… Please wait… Sorry! Your version is […]