Windows Defender detects my scripts as “HackTool:BAT/AutoKMS”

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Based on testing on some Windows devices, I have just relized that Microsoft disallowed to use KMS scripts in the recent update. To reconfirm this, I uploaded a batch script file to VirusTotal and here is the result.

There is no offical reason or notification and it just was a quiet event. I think many you guys here were surprised, even shocked as soon as you heard this news. However, Microsoft’s move this time is easy to understand.

1. Batch script is not recommend anymore

KMS commands are developed by Microsoft but the batch scripts are not. They are just contain a batch of KMS commands and written by individuals like me. My purpose of creating the scripts is help you guys save your time instead of running all commands, one by one in the command prompt or Windows power shell. But this method has never been treated as an official method because opening batch file with admin rights is not recommended by Microsoft. For example, if the author inserts the command formatting disk into the script, all you data will be lost.

2. Batch script is used to fleece others

As you know, my Paypal accounts has been limited permanently because many people reported me to Paypal and said that I had sold them fake product keys on eBay. Someone has used my name to create an online shop and sell all my scripts. He told buyers a brazen lie that the scripts he sold is the new generation of digital license. It goes without saying people who are willing to spend a few dozen of dollars to order them have never known my site and my work. And they are willing to report the author of the scripts too when they realized the truth without finding out carefully. 🙁

The move of Microsoft will clear all opportunists and swindlers and I’m all for it. I will replace the KMS scripts from all my posts with the manual method in the coming time. Finally, I would like to thank you guys for always standing by my side. Your support and your encouragement mean a lot to me. It only remains for me to thank.

Windows Defender detects my scripts as “HackTool:BAT/AutoKMS”
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If you would have any questions or concerns, please leave your comments. I would be glad to explain in more details. Thank you so much for all your feedback and support!

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65 thoughts on “Windows Defender detects my scripts as “HackTool:BAT/AutoKMS”

  1. Lolmao

    Well buddy you clearly have no clue about the nature of your activites it seems or you are playing dumb 😀

    Your CMD file contains not only various illegitimate windows product serial numbers to begin with it also clearly shows that you route the activation sequence to your OWN modified keymanagement server which is ofc the simple no brain method to activate a windows system illegaly and has been around for a decade or more. Im sure anyone here with a brain is aware of that and those who are not be applauded for your naive nature.

  2. Bruno

    I admire a lot your action, giving a way to get all these ms softwares.

    Yeah, it’s i*****l and out of law, but in the other side you helped many people (maybe million) who has no conditions to pay for it.

    Thanks so much

  3. singham

    I have reported to Microsoft head officials regarding your website. All the best Man. Your website will be taken down sooner or later and you will be dealt with relevant penal provisions .
    Do you know , a f*****g person like you need to be behind bars

    I hate piracy.

    1. Rostels

      Do the MS lose a lot with the piracy? Of course they lose.

      Is it a cri mi na l action? Yes, but if wasn’t he, the MS probably would never discover that, and besides that, he is improving the MS security.

      Go fck youself singham, this man is a legend.

  4. Andy

    I activated windows on my laptop using the multiple CMD codes (slmgr /) a while back before Microsoft ruined it. After the update, I was never able to activate windows again. Well, the laptop I activated has been getting legit windows notifications that my activation will end soon (as of January 26, 2020). Every time I boot up I get the message as a banner through the middle of my screen. Will the activation actually expire or is it something I can ignore. It does not really bother me but still making sure.

  5. Buddy

    Hi my freind.
    Even though windows defender sees your script its easy to block it. Just tell windows defender to allow it. Then turn off windows defender. Run your script and boom it still works.
    However my copy of your script got deleted by windows defender before I figured out how to fix it. I had a few copies of it but each one got deleted.
    Could you post it one more time? Or email it to me?

  6. jonathan mcjona

    dear brother…i’m touched by your post where you shared about how criminals and impostors defrauded unsuspecting people using your products…so i decided to drop by to also show support to you. please keep the good work on brother…do not be dismayed by the antics of these elements…they will not stop your light from shining very bright even in this 2020!!!