How to open Command Prompt on Windows with admin rights

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In the latest version of Windows, Command Prompt (CP) option was removed from context menu when users right-click on Windows button at the left-bottom corner. It is replace with Windows Powershell. This has led many to think they are the same program but they are not, actually. To prevent you guys making a mistake, in this post, I will guide how to find and open CP on the latest builds of all Windows versions, one by one.

Windows 8 or 8.1

Right-click on Microsoft-Start button then select Command Prompt (Admin).

open command prompt with admin rights on windows 8

Windows 7 or 10

Search for “cmd” then run Command Prompt (cmd) as administrator.

search for command prompt on windows 7run command prompt as administrator on windows 10


Note: To make sure that you do it exactly, please see the title of command prompt window.

make sure your user account is in admin group

How to open Command Prompt on Windows with admin rights
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3 thoughts on “How to open Command Prompt on Windows with admin rights

  1. david

    Powershell does the same task for CMD, however it contains more powerful commands within windows.
    Using powershell as administrator will do the same as cmd for administrator.