How to get the latest version of Windows 10 from Microsoft

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As you know, it is now becoming obvious that Microsoft has been forcing users to use Windows 10. The most recent event is that the new Office (Office 2019) can not be installed on Windows 8.1 or earlier versions. This means you can not install it unless you are using Windows 10. I think it is just the beginning. A few years from now, when old versions of Windows OS will no longer supported, getting a Windows 10 upgrade is the only way to secure your PC. The following is the detailed instructions on how to get the original version of Windows 10.

Step 1: Download media creation tool from Microsoft homepage (Click “Download tool now” button)

Step 2: After the download is complete, just open this tool.

Step 3: Read the terms and if it’s ok, click “Accept”.

accept applicable notices and license terms

Step 4: If you are using an old version of Windows and trying to upgrade to Windows 10, just select “Upgrade this PC now” option. However, if the thing you want is purely getting a copy of Windows 10 image, select the second option “Create installation media (USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO file) for another PC”.

there are 2 choices: upgrade this pc now or create installation media

Step 5: Untick the recommended options then select the language, the edition and the architecture you want.

change display language, edition and architecture of windows 10

Step 6: If you want to create a Windows 10 bootable USB, just plug in an USB drive (at least 8GB of available space) into your PC then select “USB flash drive” option. Because I just want to download the ISO image so I selected the 2nd option.

you get 2 choices: download ISO file or create bootable USB installer

The download process is moving along quickly or slowly, this depends entirely on your internet connection.

downloading windows 10 - 2% of progress

And here is the file I got after 12 minutes of waiting.

the download is complete

How to get the latest version of Windows 10 from Microsoft
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If you would have any questions or concerns, please leave your comments. I would be glad to explain in more details. Thank you so much for all your feedback and support!

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20 thoughts on “How to get the latest version of Windows 10 from Microsoft

  1. RK

    I’m using windows 10 home retail version purchased from amazon for around 110$ & it is working flawlessly on my laptop. But I want to try windows 10 professional anytime soon.
    Now if I use your method to activate windows 10 pro & then, again I want to revert back to the windows 10 home version that I purchased, will my original windows 10 home licence work again? I mean whenever I want to use my originally puchased windows, can I use it with my original licence without any interferece? Please help.

    1. kWong

      Retail version of Windows 10 home can even your laptop broken, buy a new one, you still can install another Windows 10 home version on the new laptop, and use the same retail key to activate.

      1. RK

        Sorry bro, can’t get you. I will try to be more simple:
        1. I’m using retail windows 10 “home” edition bought for 110$ which is not machine specific.
        2. Now I remove this home “edition” & install retail “pro” edition of windows 10 & activate it by your method.
        3. Now after some days again I want to go back to my previous retail windows 10 “home” edition, so I remove “pro” edition & install retail windows 10 “home” edition.
        Now my question is : Will my previous retail windows 10 “home” licence gonna work again straightaway or, am I gonna face some problems? Please clarify.

        1. kWong

          Retail version of Windows or Office can reinstall again and activate without facing any problem, as long as the retail version of Windows or Office only use in one PC or Laptop.

          So, after some days, you want go back to retail Office home, just do it, no harm.

          Bur remember, for run the KMS Activation method, is best for clean install of windows 10.

  2. Anu

    hi Guang, I have activated office using your batch method and its activated..but it is not able to open any downloaded ppt or word files. It throws an error “Can’t read the file”. Pls suggest a solution for this

    1. kWong

      Open Windows File Explorer (Open Start in Windows and type File Explorer.)

      Locate the problematic file on your computer.

      Right-click the file and select Properties.

      In the Properties dialog box, look for an Unblock button near the bottom right. If it exists, click Unblock, then click Apply, and then click OK to dismiss the dialog box.

  3. Santoso

    Big Thanks, I’ve just activated my Office 2016 by follow your tutorial.
    My Question, can it update online..?

  4. delc

    my current windows version is 10 home
    i want to upgrade to windows10.1 professional
    what to do
    help me by suggesting

    1. Pratham

      Follow the same step and after completing flash it in a usb or cd as possible, then boot it using ur usb or cd and select upgrade this pc and select the version u want

  5. del

    hi issue i got is outlook express its on asking for my password i have enteres my email address and my password cant get access to it

  6. Soumi mukherjee

    I have tried both the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant and the media creation tool. In the Upgrade Assistant, I accepted the T&C, then it started to check the PC for compatibility. It showed the following:
    CPU – OK
    Memory Space- OK
    Operating System- Your Operating System is not activated. Activate Now
    The last 2 words were a link. When I clicked on it, nothing happened! Pls help me out…

  7. COSTI

    Hi there! I’m Costi from France; all I can say about you and your programmes is that : YOU ARE…. TOMMOROW, YOU ARE…… THE FUTURE IN SKIN AND BONES! As the franch says: ”chapeau bas”…..the hat down!
    I feel that I have a privilege to know you and I thank you for that; hope will be in touch from time to time!
    I wish you, from the deep of my heart just luck , health and happiness!!!!
    Respect, Costi.