3 Methods to get a free Windows 7 license

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Even though Windows Seven is a 7-year-old operating system, proportion of population who use it remains relatively high. Personally, I think Windows 7 interface is elegant and user-friendly. Its boot screen really makes me impressed. It is true that Windows 7 is still a good choice at the moment. Microsoft announced that they will continue supporting it till 2020. So you can keep your mind on using your computer for at least 3 years.

In today’s post, I will show you how to activate all versions of Windows 7 permanently without paying a dime. There are currently three ways to get a free license: first, by phone, which is the best way; second, by using KMS client setup keys, which is easiest; and third, by using activator tool. Honestly, I do not recommend the third way because Windows 7 Activator tool is often suspected of hacking tools by antivirus programs. If you don’t feel safe to use it, please try the first method. The following are the detailed instructions for activating Windows 7.

"you must activate your windows today" alert message

Method 1: By phone

This method is fully legal but it depends on the number of remaining activations on a MAK.

Step 1: Visit here to get right serial key for your Windows.

Step 2: Disable the internet connection in order to activate your Windows by phone.
see other ways to activate


Enter the license key you got above.
copy license into product key field
use the automated phone system
confirm your license and make sure it is correct
click the nearest location


You receive the installation ID (9 groups of 6 digits).
follow phone system instructions to enter the installation id


Step 3: Enable the internet connection and visit Microsoft Service for Mobile page.
select digits in your first block of installation id


Enter your installation ID into the form. Then click submit button.
type confirmation id the phone system gives you


Q: How many computers you have installed, with this copy of software?
A: 1 (Of course!)
answer the question "how many computer have you installed"


Enter the confirmation ID you got and click Next to activate your Windows.
enter the confirmation id you got once again


activation was successful


Check Windows status again.
check your windows activation again


NOTE: If you see one of the notices below, please try another license key.
1. “Unfortunately, we cannot complete this transaction as our records do not recognize this as a valid product. You may be able to return the software to your reseller for a new product.
Thank you for contacting Microsoft, goodbye.”
2. “Your Microsoft Product has exceeded the set number of activations. No additional activations can be provided on this product key. Customers with volume license agreements should notify their IT Administrator or IT Professional about this error message.
Thank you for contacting Microsoft, goodbye.”
3. “Let’s get you to one of our Answer Desk agents for help.
I was not able to validate your installation ID. Please have the Activation window up on your computer screen, so you can have this number handy. The representative will need this number to help with activating your product.”

Method 2: KMS client setup keys

Strengths of this method are 100 percent success rate and ease in implementation. However, it supports Windows 7 Pro / Enterprise only. That is why I have encouraged people to install Professional edition instead of the others.

Please watch this video for more details:

Method 3: Windows 7 Activator tool (not recommended)

Here is the latest VirusTotal scan result for this tool: https://virustotal.com/en/file/2f2aba1e074f5f4baa08b524875461889f8f04d4ffc43972ac212e286022ab94/analysis/.

Step 1: Download the Windows 7 Loader tool here (password nextlevel).
Step 2: Extract files from the archive and run the tool as administrator.

run activator tool as admin
bypass alert message of user account control system


Step 3: Click Install button and wait…
click install button


Step 4: Restart your PC and check the result.
click restart button
your windows has been activated successfully

If you would have any questions or concerns, please leave your comments. I would be glad to explain in more details. Thank you so much for all your feedback and support!

For faster support, please visit here for troubleshooting. Need more help? Please email me at msguides.com@gmail.com

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32 thoughts on “3 Methods to get a free Windows 7 license

  1. ak

    None of the above method works for Windows7 Ultimate, is there any other way to activate Windows7 Ultimate? thanks

  2. Steve

    Worked perfectly on Windows 7 Pro that I bought and when I upraded my hard drive it would not activate. I even call Microsoft without any success. Thanks for the code.

    You saved me from Windows 10 which I have on a laptop and I hate it.

  3. Carrie

    Thank you very very very much, I have unlimited key that microsoft gave my college for students back in 2010 for win7 pro32 and 64 i have put it on 10 or more computers all of them mine mostly fresh and a few downgrade installs, and recently after hacking windows to death on one of them and then reinstalling it would not activate saying the product key is now blocked. This was my main mini atx web surfer so I was hot. you saved the day!!

  4. preter jack

    If you do not have the license of the windows on your system, then read this article. It will give you all the required information and guidance on how to get a free license for Windows 7.

  5. hhh

    In method 1 : the site visit Microsoft Service for Mobile page.
    is shown as dangerous by Google Chrome and not proceeding. Is it a phishing site???!!!!

  6. ThatStupidGuy

    After hours of trying to bypass the “getidw7” page with a vpn and understanding it was not going to work i simply tried to call the s****d machine that at some point of the call will derp telling you that does not understand the number you just typed and checked 1000 times to be sure its right, so you have to end the call and do it all over again just to be trolled by it, i just enabled my internet and clic the “activate online” thing and guess what it just worked with the key…, guess they really update them daily, cant remember what key i used for home premium but worked.

  7. Jordan Felipe Pivotto

    Hello my friend, I’m a big fan of you and your work

    “bit.ly/getw7id” is not working!


  8. M AliGohar

    “bit.ly/getw7id” Don’t Work.Can you tell us how to active window 7 ultimat any othere mathod.


      search google for 1click.cmd for your windows version…… 100% worked for me…… using since last two years….

  9. danyal

    Hi. i followed method one at February 2018 it was working and i activated window 7 ultimate but now i am trying and following the same method but now ( http://bit.ly/getidw7) it not working. do you have any alternate link or method?

  10. Mikhail

    Hi Guang,

    I’m using 1click.cmd and getting message:The connection to my kms server failed! …..Sorry! Your version is not supported. But I do have windows 7 pro. Could you please help?

    Thank you.

  11. BABU

    I use method one but but when serial key in verifying process after few moments a dialogue box show that the invalid key. plz help me how i can solve this error and active my windows 7 ultimate

    1. danyal

      when you paste window key ..before start more process. you should disable your internet connection .

  12. Kwlingo

    Wow Im impressed with your honesty and accuracy and easy to follow steps. Ive tried other websites and it just seems to never up right. ThanksWow Im impressed with your honesty and accuracy and easy to follow steps. Ive tried other websites and it just seems to never up right. Thanks